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Directed by Tyler Savage
Narrative Feature
USA | 92 min | 2017

Ryan has just inherited a $2 million beach house on the central California coast from his biological father, a man he’s never known and thought long dead. Arriving in the charming town with his pregnant fiancé, Ryan’s curiosity about his father soon leads him into an introspective investigation.

As a looming family presence tightens its grip on him, Ryan detaches, pushing away his adoptive family and expectant fiancé. When he finally discovers the horrifying truth about his birth parents, he might be too late to stop himself from repeating a similar pattern.

Inheritance - Tyler Savage, DirectorTyler Savage

Growing up in Los Angeles, I developed an obsession with films at a very young age. My mother was often in poor health and I would spend many summer days watching classics, falling in love with gangster and noir films especially.

After making dozens of terrible short films in my youth, I was thrilled to be accepted into NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Since my father’s family is from the east coast, I had a long-standing relationship with the city, and I was eager to make the move. I stayed for a while after graduation, then ultimately moved back to Los Angeles, where I landed an internship at Gianni Nunnari’s Hollywood Gang. After working my way from assistant to story editor, I realized that it was time to get out of the studio development world. I landed another internship, this time on the set of Terrence Malick’s ‘To The Wonder’ in small town Oklahoma. Malick asked if I was interested in moving to Austin TX to continue working with him, and I made the leap.

I served as his right hand on four productions, all of which shot pretty much back to back. Though I had some amazing experiences during that time, I decided to make the move back to LA after a spec script got me representation. My writing partner and I took work on rewrites and an adaptation, but I was just biding time until I could shoot my own feature.

Inheritance Movie Poster

Film Information

Director: Tyler Savage
Country: USA
Year: 2017
Language: English
Runtime: 92 min
Rated: R


Producers: Dash Hawkins, JP Castel, Nicolas Gonda, Chase Joliet
Writer: Tyler Savage
Photography: Drew Daniels

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