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Fri Feb 24, 2023 – 5:00 pm | Downtown Beloit Association
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The Interview

Directed by Inga Moren Tapias
Narrative Short
Unites States | 9 min | 2021

Two women at opposite ends of their careers: Lauren, a rising star before the pandemic, is interviewing Ruth, a seasoned pro, let go during the pandemic. Over Zoom, what’s supposed to be a professional interview, soon becomes a therapy session.

The Interview was created during the pandemic, myself and my team were looking for a creative outlet during lockdown. I directed remotely from Miami, the actors and crew were located in NYC, Brooklyn, Long Island, New Jersey, and Germany. We were miles from each other, but became resourceful and used the technology we had in hand, such as iphones, computer cameras and recording software. It was a fun experiment on patience and a lesson in how it’s possible to create something out of nothing.

The Interview captures the moment before a young woman drops out of the workforce. Nearly three million women dropped out of the workforce in 2020. This short very simply captures why. Our society has antiquated notions of women’s roles—ageism, undervalued work, rigid schedules, expectations for women to be superwoman and the de facto caregivers. We expect women to morph to fit the workplace rather than finding ways to change the workplace to adapt to shifting gender roles.

The Interview is a testament to the delicate, intricate and often awkward dynamics of the modern interview during pandemic times. This short film is part dance, part sales pitch, part speed date, part therapy session. We watch two people trying their best to be their best under unprecedented circumstances.

The Interview - Poster

The Interview - Igne Moren TapiasIgna Moren Tapas

Inga Moren Tapias directs macro existential stories that are juxtaposed with the micro- events of human behavior. Her mockumentary, Pretty Dead, premiered at HBO’s Women in Comedy Festival and her thriller Luz Marina premiered at HBO’s Latino Film Festival.

Film Information

Director: Igne Moren Tapias
Country: United States
Year: 2021
Language: English
Runtime: 9 min.
Rated:  PG


Writer: Janet Guillet
Producer:Adam Vazquez
Executive Producer: Adam Vazquez, Inga Moren Tapias, Janet Guillet, Penelope Thomas, Bertrand Pillar
Director of Photography:
Rommel Genciana
Editor: Chelsea Taylor
Sound Designer: Kate Bilinski
Composer:Anthony Mirabella

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