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Fri Feb 23, 2018 – 5:00 pm | Hendricks Arts Center
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Into Silence

Directed by Zubaydah Bashir

Narrative Short
USA | 4 min | 2017

In a near future dystopian America, on the brink of a civil war, a woman and her fiancé are escorted by a guide from an underground refugee organization. She finds to survive in society is to kill her true self.

Into Silence - Zubaydah BashirZubaydah Bashir
Director, Writer

Zubaydah Bashir is a New York based screenwriter and director for film and TV. Upon graduating from Columbia College Chicago, she received her BA in Cinema Art and Science, and graduated magna cum laude. She has completed several short film projects in which she directed, assistant directed, produced, written, and edited. She is known for creating scripts that often contain hidden societal and political commentary in the genres of thriller, drama, and realistic fantasy/sci-fi. Aside from screenwriting and directing, she serves as a pre-screener for a select few of international, and national film festivals.

Into Silence Movie Poster

Film Information

Director: Zubaydah Bashir
Country: USA
Year: 2017
Language:  English
Runtime:  4 min
Rated: PG-13


Writer: Zubaydah Bashir
Producer: Zubaydah Bashir, TinTin Wang, Timothy Wilson, Rebecca Wilson, 4Christ Inc., Christine Wilson
Cinematography/DP: TinTin Wang
Editor: Zubaydah Bashir

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