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Jalil and Khalil

Directed by Roholla Akbari
Documentary Short
Islamic Republic of Iran | 29 min | 2019

Jalil and Khalil Dvoraddroghvy Rvstayynd, who live in one of the villages of the fallen Iran, they are engaged in farming and farming, despite the poor financial situation and with all the shortcomings, they have become members of the national team of Iran, the problems of life are more than harassing the pedigree of Galilee and Khal

Jalil and Khalil - Poster

Jalil and Khalil - Roholla AkbariRoholla Akbari

Film Information

Director: Roholla Akbari
Country: Islamic Republic of Iran
Year: 2019
Language: Persian
Runtime: 29 min.
Rated: PG


Producer: Roholla Akbari, Fateme Mohseni
Writer: Roholla Akbari

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