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Khe Sanh Peace Garden – The

Directed by Tinh Mahoney
Documentary Short
Viet Nam | 25 min | 2020

A unique non-profit in Rockford, Illinois that is devoted to empowering residents with creativity.

The Khe Sanh Peace Garden, poster | Tinh Mahoney, Director

I am a child of war. I escaped Vietnam when I was 12 years old, days before the fall of Saigon, and went to the US. I remember watching the news and seeing tanks roll into the Presidential Palace. I didn’t understand a single word of what the reporter was saying, but I remember in my heart knowing that I had lost my homeland. Although my body was never damaged by mortars, shrapnel or bullets, I was wounded by that war.

A few years ago I met Dave Hansen, a medevac helicopter pilot, who has spent the last several years seeking reconciliation with former enemies through the creation of a peace garden at Khe Sanh, the very place his unit was stationed during the war.

During a visit to the peace garden site I met veterans from both sides of the conflict. As I walked the Khe Sanh battlefield a whole gamut of emotions ran through me, from being a child of war to being a wounded adult to profound sympathy for the lonely souls still haunting this battlefield. I felt a deep sadness no amount of tears can fully express.

Dave is now in the final stages of his life. I made The Khe Sanh Peace Garden as a film tribute to my friend and in hopes of healing the hearts of many victims of this great tragedy.

Tinh Mahoney, Director | The Khe Sanh Peace Garden

Tinh Mahoney

Director and producer Tinh Mahoney is a filmmaker/musician/storyteller and a teacher.  His films and music had been featured on OPB and other PBS affiliated stations.  He was invited to the White House by George and Laura Bush and performed at Washington D.C. Capitol Mall.

Film Information

Director: Tinh Mahoney
Country: Viet Nam
Year: 2020
Language: English
Runtime: 25 min.
Rated: PG-13


Writers: Tinh Mahoney
Producer: Tinh Mahoney
Music – Film Score: Tinh Mahoney
Editing: Tinh Mahoney
Key Cast: Dave Hansen

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