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Lead and Copper

Directed by William Hart
Documentary Feature
United States | 88 min | 2021

A real life horror film about the poisoning of an American city.

In 2016, I visited Flint, Michigan in the height of its water crisis as a freelance video reporter for Yahoo! News. I was struck by the irreversible effects the crisis had already undertaken on children, and appalled by the complete failure in local and state government to protect its citizens. Flint is not alone; environmental racism and injustices are a nationwide epidemic, and policies continue to weaken the health of regular folks. This documentary is a warning and a call to action to hold governments accountable for their negligence.

Lead and Copper - Poster

Lead and Copper - Poster - William Hart

William Hart

William Hart is a NYC filmmaker focused on telling stories of injustice. He volunteered to shoot documentary projects in Haiti for Waves4Water and Surf Haiti, while producing and shooting for Yahoo! News, where he covered stories on the police murders of Michael Brown and Freddie Gray. His camera work is featured in the upcoming Jennifer Lopez Netflix documentary “HALFTIME”. Will is also the editor of the documentary “COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT” about CJ Hendry which premiered at Brooklyn Film Festival in 2023.

He has also produced and shot short films featured at Raindance, Athens Film Festival, Nashville Film Festival, deadCenter Film Festival, Trinity Film Festival, and others.

Film Information

Director: William Hart
Country: United States
Year: 2021
Language: English
Runtime: 99 min
Rated:  PG


Producer: Alex Olsen, Patrick Letterii
Executive Producer: Ciaran Birks
Composer: Jacob Bloomfield-Misrach

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