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Little Blood

Directed by Crestwood 4th and 5th graders
Narrative Short
USA | 8 min | 2021

An animated re-telling of a Mayan myth by the 4th and 5th grade students of Crestwood Elementary school in Madison, WI.

Back in the late summer of 2015, I couldn’t have been more honored when I was asked by friend and colleague, Jamie Miller (writer-producer) if I would consider directing her and her producing partner’s (Tyler Ham Pong) newest offering; LEAP for their production company; Kill The Pig Productions

I had zero reservation and immediately said yes and from the moment we went into pre-production, through and into rehearsals and then production, I couldn’t be happier and more fortunate that she had asked me.

The people with whom they surrounded themselves, both in front of and behind the lens, are some of the finest artisans on the current scene here in Los Angeles.

This film, LEAP is one where we were able to capture and deliver an entire arc inside the parameters of this short-subject narrative. Both for the protagonist (Miller’s character, Jane), as well as the supporting characters, respectively.

Working on this picture with this company has been one of the highlights of my career and one of which I am very proud. Everyone’s commitment to this story, the attention to detail, both in front of and behind the lens is unparalleled and nothing short of true joy to have been a part of this team.

I look forward to screening this work with an audience as soon as possible and many times over, too. LEAP offers us as a society an opportunity to cut open a subject that is one of the least pleasant things with which we have to tragically deal – sexual abuse. And in so doing, perhaps the hope is that we’ll continue talking about it and ultimately bring it to its end. And if we have any chance at making this happen, we as a community of people must continue the dialogue and bring the secrets that kill out of the darkness and into the light.

In closing, I’ll state what I hope and believe is true for all of us on whom it is incumbent to make motion pictures, et al.

So, with no alternative, I know very well that this effort is hardly a solo act, but rather a collaborative one of formidable proportions and it is toward this end that I, along with my colleagues, are acutely aware that it is the forces opposing which ultimately drive and deliver anything worthy of note ~ especially that of cinema. And I have zero reservation that we have delivered just that with our picture, LEAP.

Little Blood - Poster

Crestwood 4th and 5th graders

Film Information

Director: Crestwood 4th and 5th graders
Country: USA
Year: 2021
Language: English
Runtime: 8 min.
Rated: G


Writer: Crestwood 4th and 5th graders
Producer:Crestwood Elementary Art Dept
Key Cast: Jocelyn P, Sawyer S, Jahmir W,  Winni S

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