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Little Loneliness

Directed by Maria Jose Garcia Garrido
Narrative Short
Spain | 8 min | 2022

After the tragedy of the death of a baby at the sea. The family says goodbye to her and from that moment the loneliness of her sister begins, who feels not only the loss of her sister but her mother´s too, who is absent due to the loss, forgeting the existence of her oldest daughter, who feels very lonely. She takes refuge in dreams of memories of happier moments with her mother, mixed with the reality of what happened. The girl feels like her mother is somehow gone too.

“Highlights at the 2023 Indy Shorts International Film Festival”Roger Ebert

“Emerging filmmakers empower audiences at Heartland’s 2023 Indy Shorts International Film Festival” Cinema Femme

When I was ten years old, my little brother and I spent most evenings laid out on a twin mattress in the bathroom of my family’s Mexican restaurant. My mother was on 16-hour shifts alongside my grandmother and aunt, who all worked endlessly to keep the place running. With nowhere to send my brother and I, after a bit of ingenuity, my mother would soon transform the bathroom into our very own home theater.

I remember her setting up a box TV atop two Coca Cola crates, installing a DVD player, and signing us up for an Unlimited Pass to the Blockbuster just walking distance from the restaurant. Every day after school, I’d look forward to swapping DVDs, one after the other, gazing at the TV as adventures of light and shadow danced in that dimly lit bathroom. For a ten-year-old cinephile, this proved that magic could exist in a place I would’ve never imagined; it was as if magic could live anywhere. It never mattered that we laid out on a twin mattress in the bathroom of the restaurant, because wherever we were, we were home.

For me, home is not a place, it’s the memory of my mother’s exhaustion hidden behind a smile, it’s the caress of her worn-out hands, and the magic of light and shadow dancing in that dimly lit home theater. Home is strength, family, and unconditional love.

In Wonderland is a reflection on home and what it means to find home regardless of where you are. As much as we’ve seen films attempt to capture the immigrant experience through the struggle and trauma usually associated with its pursuit, I don’t believe we’ve done enough to celebrate the joy, the heroism, and the spirit of what it means to pursue an adventure in this country. And the courage it takes to keep going or— as we would say in Wonderland, to “follow the rabbit.”

Our film celebrates the journey of finding hope in a new home, and at last, it is an attempt to romanticize the immigrant experience as something magical and worth fighting for.

Little Loneliness - Poster

Little Loneliness - Jo Garcia GarridoMaria Jose Garcia Garrido

Jo García Garrido begins as a filmmaker with this, her first short film written and directed by her in 2022 after several years creating in the world of photography, art direction and editing publications specialized in art, film, photography and fashion, her most notable work being the direction of the international magazine Tiger. In this short film, Little Loneliness she wanted to tell a story only through images and music, using continuous symbology to tell it.

Film Information

Director: Maria Jose Garcia Garrido
Country:  Spain
Year: 2022
Language: No Dialoge
Runtime: 8 min
Rated:  G


Writer: Maria Jose Garcia Garrido
Producer:  Maria Jose Garcia Garrido
Cinematography: Maria Jose Garcia Garrido
Editor: Maria Jose Garcia Garrido

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