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Directed by Yucel Can
Narrative Feature
Turkey | 89 min | 2023

Lizard, focuses on seemingly impossible, inevitable marriage of Dudu and Durmuş, two disabled people living in a remote mountain village. It is a small oasis opening into the desert of deprivation or an “Amor fati” story.

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Unlike the myriad similarly toned films that depict violence against women, the point of COMPULSUS is not the details of the attacks, it’s that they’re happening at all.

First, Wally has not suffered any violence herself. She has not been raped like Lisbeth Salander or The Bride. She has not experienced domestic abuse, or family molestation, or even a bad date. This isn’t trauma porn, wherein a woman must suffer in order to be angry, to want revenge. We are angry because we have reason to be. Full stop. A violent man’s motive is rarely questioned, and never justified, onscreen. It’s enough that the world has simply gotten him down—Joker proved this to the tune of a billion dollars.

Second, where many films—especially violence-based action films, but really most films—have an obligatory female character and a smattering of ornamental women, Compulsus deliberately removes men. All seven attack victims are played by the same male actor, whose face we never see, whose name(s) we never hear. Where the average movie erases women by not even considering them, we have removed men on purpose.

COMPULSUS—“striking together (hostile)”—is not lazily “gender-flipped,” which is not what we meant when we said we wanted to see stronger female characters. In its existence, staging, casting, and editing, it’s a complete subversion of the Loner Male stereotype. It lifts and centres women, and punishes and erases men.

Lizard film poster

Lizard - Yucel CanYucel Can

Born in 1961 Yücel Can graduated from Dokuz Eylül University Film & TV department. He worked as a scriptwriter and assistant director. Keler is his first feature. He has found Ara Tren in 2018 and continues creating content for film and TV.

Keler – Lizard (2022), Feature Film
superOski (2017), Short Film

Film Information

Director:  Yucel Can
Country: Turkey
Year: 2023
Language: Turkish
Runtime: 89 min
Rated:  R


Writer: Yucel Can
Producers: Yucel Can
Executive Producer: Dilek Aydin
Director of Photograohy: Serdar Unluturk
Art Director: Burcu Karakas

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