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The Lost Boyz of Chicago

Directed by Justin Jarrett
Documentary Short
USA | 16 min | 2019

FROM THE AWARD-WINNING TEAM that brought you “For Aaron: The Documentary” comes the inspiring true story of the Lost Boyz of Chicago – a youth baseball league playing to reclaim their community from gang violence within one of the of the most violent neighborhoods in America.

The violence in Chicago, specifically the South Side of Chicago has been talked about and discussed in the media a lot in recent years and for good reason – it is statistically one of the most violent places in America today. However, what the media doesn’t dive very far into is how the community is fighting back from within. There are a lot of people like LaVonte who are
products of this community – born and raised in this community that are trying to rewrite the narrative and give each and every kid an opportunity to succeed beyond the South Side. This is
what drew me to this project. My team and I spent a lot of time living/sleeping in the South Side where we were filming because we wanted to experience the community first hand and really
get to know this group of extraordinary people. There were certainly challenges, but at the end of the day we wanted to shine some light on the good that is being done and perhaps open up a dialogue about what else could be accomplished to combat the violence if something as simple as baseball can make such an enormous impact on a child’s life.

Lost Boyz of Chicago - Poster

Lost Boyz of Chicago - Justin JarrettJustin Jarrett

Justin is an award-winning writer, director and creative entrepreneur who’s visionary storytelling style has manifested itself in the form of JTWO over the past ten years. He has directed both original and branded features, commercials and documentaries on four different continents in addition to collaborating with clients such as ESPN, Comcast, NFL Films, Under Armor, University of Pennsylvania and the United Nations while guiding the creative direction and growth of JTWO, which he co-founded in 2009.
A creative chameleon, Justin’s directing style is unique in that he has the ability to seamlessly weave in and out of genres, because he stays true to his personal mantra – the story is everything. This has proven invaluable time and time again throughout his career as he continues to hone his directorial skill set whether he is filming an emotional human interest piece or collaborating with actors or athletes.

Film Information

Director: Justin Jarrett
Country: USA
Year: 2019
Language: English
Runtime: 16 min.
Rated: PG-13


Producer: Conor Hare, Travis Capacete
Director Of Photography: Maria Vattimo
Assistant Cinematographer: Aaron Preusch
Sound: AJ Olstad
Editor: Justin Jarrett, Ian Schobel

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