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Directed by Jason Rem

Documentary Feature
USA | 60 min | 2015

‘Magda’ is the story of a Magdalena, a Polish woman born into a noble family who lived in the Nazi occupied Warsaw and was recruited by her brother to be a spy for the Polish Underground Resistance Army. Her father was Catholic and her mother, Jewish. Magda’s missions began at the young age of seventeen, when she dodged Nazi officers moving back and forth from Warsaw to Berlin and Vienna with false papers and the courage of a lion.

She risked her life on a regular basis transporting crucial information about the Nazi’s and the atrocities being carried out at the concentration camps and on the Polish people. Her brother, taken to a concentration camp, her parents living in fear, family and friends lost; while Magda bore witness to the horrors and oppression that were perpetrated by the Nazi’s and did all she could to fight back. And the beauty of all this? Magda’s war story became a love story and the story is now one of age and life.

Magda Documentary - Jason RemJason Rem
Director, Producer, Writer

Jason Rem is the President at REM Entertainment, Inc. Rem currently is the Executive Producer of production for the World Surf League and has produced, directed and written more than 1,000 interview and sports biography programs for ESPN and Fox Sports. He has produced programming at the biggest sporting events in the world including Super Bowls, the Olympics and the Pipeline Masters.

He has created content for Sony, Nike, Red Bull and the International Medical Corps among others. Rem has produced, written and directed the award-winning documentaries Put the Needle on the Record, Hope Not Lost for the International Medical Corps, The Blue Blood Rivalry, Rett: There Is Hope, and MAGDA.


Magda Documentary Poster

Film Information

Directors: Jason Rem
Country: USA
Year: 2015
Language: English
Runtime: 60 minutes


Executive Producers: Jason Rem, Regina Cameron, and Linda Taylor
Jason Rem
Executive Producers:
Linda Taylor and Regina Cameron
Erik McMichael
Original Music/Composer: 
Gavin Keese
Key Cast: 
Magdalena Kasprzycki

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