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Directed by Atefeh Salehil
Narrative Short
Iran | 17 min | 2022

A girl rides a truck on the road. The driver reminds her of her miserable past. After spending a night with the driver, she kills him.

The subject of this film was important to me in several aspects. Issues related to women and stories based on female characters are my main concern. The initial spark for making this movie was struck when I heard from one of my relatives who is a driver that a woman hits the windows of trucks at a certain place on the road at night.
The issue of female sex workers exists as a social harm in our third world countries(undeveloped countries), but it’s denied, and this denial creates more harm. I wanted to draw my audience’s attention to these women in this film. On the other hand, the issue of rape of relatives is usually not revealed in our society due to the silence of the victim, and there are numerous women who have lost their future and their souls from these rapes. The woman in my film, however, does not want to be a victim anymore …

MIraga - Poster

MIraga - Atefeh SalehiAtefeh Salehi

Born in 1989 in Sirjan, Iran. Atefeh Salehi holds a BA in Fashion design from Yazd Islamic Azad University and a MA in Dramatic Literature from The Science and Research Branch (SRB) of the Islamic Azad University of Tehran. She was interested in writing since she was a child and wrote her first stories at the age of eight. After completing her bachelor’s degree and choosing the subject of costume design in Iran’s cinema for her dissertation, she pursued filmmaking and screenwriting seriously. She has made 3 short films and 1 documentary film. She has written more than ten short screenplays. She has also designed costumes for some short films. She is married and has a son.

Film Information

Director:  Atefeh Salehi
Country: Iran
Year: 2022
Language: Persian
Runtime: 17 min.
Rated:  PG-13


Writer: Atefeh Salehi
Producer: Atefeh Salehi, Ali Salehi
Director of Photography: Hamed Baghaeian
Editor: Forough Azizi

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