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More Alike than Different

Directed by Haley Labian

Short Documentary
USA | 6 minutes | 2015

A short video about Danielle, the most caring individual I’ve ever met. She continues to break down barriers and overcome challenges in her life, most of which come from people who believe that since she looks and acts different, she can’t accomplish the same things. She has Down Syndrome, but she will always first and foremost be my big sister and best friend.

More Alike Than Different - Haley Labian

Haley Labian

Haley is currently a sophomore Film and Digital Media major at Loyola University Chicago. In her free time, she likes to photograph the beauty in the world around her and make short films.

More Alike than Different Poster

Film Information

Director: Haley Labian
Country: USA
Year: 2015
Language: English
Runtime: 6 minutes


Producer: Haley Labian
Key Cast: 
Danielle Labian

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