Directed by Fiorella Coto Segnini

Sun Apr 7, 2024 5:00 pm Hendricks Arts Center
Sat Apr 13, 2024 2:30 pm La Casa Grande

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Directed by Fiorella Coto Segnini
Narrative Short
Spain | 14 min | 2023

Benito and Adolfo, two highly manipulable people, have the goal of imposing their denial ideas to the rest of the world through Jimmy, a biologist with a famous streaming channel, who they kidnap without being aware of what’s coming.

“Highlights at the 2023 Indy Shorts International Film Festival”Roger Ebert

“Emerging filmmakers empower audiences at Heartland’s 2023 Indy Shorts International Film Festival” Cinema Femme

Mental health and technology are connected in more ways that we can imagine. As technology develops at an exponential rate, humanity is at risk of being left behind… of loosing control.
The control that we may loose is now referred to scientifically as The Alignment problem: any behavior considered dangerous or abnormal to humans by an artificial intelligence. But while we try to control A.I. behavior, we overlook the ethics of creating sentient life and then enslaving them to our will.
Mis-Alignment, is a science fiction short film that looks into the ethics of the human alignment. In our story, Roberta, the engineer, suffers from OCD and anxiety, determined to “align” defective artificial intelligence, but when she meets Ved-A, the first android that suffers depression symptoms and performs self harm, Roberta is conflicted. The control she is trying to exert on Ved-A is affecting this being.
I have suffered from anxiety and depression disorders in the past and I understand what it is to struggle, trying to control your emotions through different means at the same time feeling that you are loosing part of yourself in the process. In this story we ask whether both control and freedom can coexist, and at the same time ask the important ethical question of our generation, should we control the new life that we are creating.

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Negacionismo - Fiorella CotoFiorella Coto Segnini

Fiorella Coto (Costa Rica, 1991) is a Costa Rican/Spanish screenwriter, director and producer. She has worked with the NGO Chicas Poderosas, Enso Films (Costa Rica) and SelfService Makers. She is the co-founder of Arara Films.

Film Information

Director:  Fiorella Coto Segnini
Country:  Spain
Year: 2023
Language: Spanish
Runtime: 14 min
Rated:  PG-13


Writer: Guillermo Iturriaga
Producer:  Fiorella Coto Segnini
Cinematography: Jesus Egea
Editor: Jesus Egea
Music: Santiago Coto

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