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The Night You Snow

Directed by Kyeonghui Yang
Narrative Short
Republic of Korea | 25min | 2022

Ki-te, a quadriplegic, goes on a first date with Sophia, a church friend of his mother. Ki-te feels sorry for Sophia for his body that cannot move freely, but Sophia, who understands him with an open heart, just seems lovely to him. Then, Sophia brings him to an LP Bar, as it is a place she knows very well.
Ki-te finds Sophia amazing as her taste in foods, movies, and the music fits his so well. The two make out in the LP bar. Unfortunately, the time passes for the train to start running again, and Ki-te and Sophia bid farewell to each other in front of the station. At dawn when the first snow falls, the snow that falls on Ki-te’s gloves melts away quickly. Meanwhile, Sofia meets someone on the subway.

Our film, called Period Drama, is a Victorian-era tale about eleven-year-old Georgiana Crimsworth, who gets her first period before ever having gotten the talk. Partly based on personal experience, this story aims to get across the idea that at that age, this sort of situation really makes you feel like you’re trapped in a gothic horror story.

Menstruation, and by extension women’s health as a whole, isn’t often discussed in popular media – and almost never in a medium like animation. Because of the implicit taboo that exists, there’s still a lot of shame and ignorance that surrounds a period, when that certainly shouldn’t be the case. Period Drama is our effort to address this, and hopefully make the subject easier to discuss, too.

The Night You Snow - Poster

The Night You Snow - Kyeonghui YangKyeonghui Yang

Director Kyeonghui YANG is born in 1992.

* Short film “”White Underpants””. – The first solo screening. – The 4th Unknown Film Festival’s opening film and special award. * Short film “”The Fifth Season””. – Invited and screened in the queer rainbow section of the 20th Seoul International Women’s Film Festival. – Invite and screen the 18th Korea Queer Film Festival short film competition. – He advanced to the finals of the 8th Chungmuro Short Film Festival. – Invitation and screening of the 13th Korea University Film Festival Short Competition Best Director Award. – Invited and screened at the 1st Jeonju Short Film Festival. * Short film “”The Night You Snow””. Cheongju Film Commission #Cinematic Production of Support for the First Half of Cheongju. * Directed the web drama “”Tasty Florida””. * Directed the web drama “”Kissable Lips””. * Directed a short film, “”Go Back Home””. – TS Narin Cinema’s support. * Directing the web drama “”The Strange Director Who Only buys Me Food””.r.

Film Information

Director: Kyeonghui Yang
Country: Republic of Korea
Year: 2022
Language: Korean
Runtime: 25 min.
Rated:  R


Writer: Kyeonghui Yang
Producer: Daeyoung Kim

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