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No More Things

Directed by Tobias Bechtloff

Documentary Feature
Germany | 98 min | 2017

No More Things is a documentary shot on location in the western deserts of the United States of America, and tries to shed light on the phenomena of the Shoetrees, trees with shoes thrown into them, in the United States of America. “No More Things” explains the dynamic of love turning into hate and hate turning into love with help of the transcendental sphere created by shoes hanging on branches. In a sidestory a Virginia university professor and the Boston Barefoot Hikers are fighting for a healthier and, at one point in the future, shoeless society.

No More Things - Directed by Tobias BechtloffTobias Bechtloff

Born 1974 in Wilhelmshaven, at the North Sea coast of Germany I grew up in the city of Hamburg. After my father came home with one of the first VHS Camcorder I was hooked on the obsession to make movies. Mostly we filmed the blowing up of Star Wars action figures or setting myself on fire. After high school which included a year abroad in the US and civil service I started as an apprentice at a Hamburg TV Production company followed by a 2-year media school. During this time, I finished two short films. One of them screened at the 13th Street film festival in Munich and the other one at the Chicago International Film festival.

After the media school, I started working as a freelance camera assistant and sound man but soon realized that I had a greater passion for lights. I moved to cologne and then Amsterdam where I found myself on the bigger film sets as an electrician and where I learned most about lighting and the secrets of “Dutch light”. It was there that I worked on my first feature film as a gaffer followed by some short films and two features.

I kept earning a living as an electrician and gaffer mostly on commercials, series and features but never gave up the idea to become a filmmaker and in 2010 I started research on No More Things and in 2011 I was ready to begin shooting.
In 2014, I moved back to Hamburg where I still work and live today.

No More Things Movie Poster

Film Information

Director: Tobias Bechtloff
Country: Germany
Year: 2017
Language: English
Runtime: 98 min
Rated: PG-13


Producers: Tobias Bechtloff
Writer: Tobias Bechtloff
Cinematographer: Axel Decker

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