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The Women's Fund of the Stateline Community Foundation

Introduction by The Womens’ Fund

A member of the Women’s Fund of the Stateline Community Foundation will introduce the film and address local perspective and initiatives on this important topic.

Sun Feb 26, 2017 – 2:30 pm | Bagels & More
Sat Mar 4, 2017 – 2:30 pm | Domenico’s

Not my Life

Directed by Robert Bilheimer

United States | 1 hr 4 min | 2011

Filmed on five continents, in a dozen countries, Not My Life takes viewers into a world where millions of children are exploited, every day, through an astonishing array of practices including forced labor, domestic servitude, begging, sex tourism, sexual violence, and child soldiering.

“Human traffickers are earning billions of dollars on the backs and in the beds of our children,” says the film’s director, Academy Award nominee, Robert Bilheimer, “and yet no one knows this is happening. We have a huge responsibility, right now, to learn the truth and act on it.”

Challenging though it may be, Not My Life’s message is ultimately one of hope. Victims of slavery can be set free and go on to live happy and productive lives. Those who advocate for slavery victims are growing in numbers, and are increasingly effective. At this crossroads for the defining human rights issue of our time, Not My Life tells us, as the late Jonathan Mann said, “We can no longer flee, no longer hide, no longer separate ourselves.”

Robert Bilheimer Director, Not My LifeRobert Bilheimer
Director, Producer

Robert Bilheimer, President of Worldwide Documentaries, Inc., is a director, writer, and producer with an international background in film, theatre, journalism, and creative writing. Robert’s films focus on subjects of cultural, social, and humanitarian interest. In 1989, he received his profession’s highest honor—an Academy Award nomination—for Cry of Reason, a feature-length documentary that tells the story of South African anti-apartheid leader Beyers Naude. In 2003, Robert completed A Closer Walk, a film about the global AIDS epidemic that is
widely regarded as the most influential film on the topic. His most recent accomplishment,
Not My Life, was released in 2012, and depicts the global affliction of human trafficking and
modern-day slavery.

Not My Life | Movie Poster

Film Information

Director: Robert Bilheimer
Country: United States
Year: 2011
Language: English
Runtime: 1 hr 4 min
Rated: PG13


Producers:  Robert Bilheimer
Executive Producer: Jim Greenbaum
Senior Producer: Heidi Ostertag
Cinematographer/DP:  Craig Braden, Richard Young
Film Editor: Anthony De Luca
Original Music/Composer:  Rob LaVaque

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