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Off Book

Directed by Robert Bruce Carter

Narrative Short
USA | 8 min | 2017

OFF BOOK is an offbeat comedy about living the scripted life.

Natalie is an ambitious small-town girl looking for love. Steve is a leather jacket-wearing city guy that has life figured out. They meet for a first date at a Chicago cafe, but their date takes an unexpected turn when Steve brings something with him that leaves them both changed. OFF BOOK examines the complexities of social structures and dating in the twenty first century.

Off Book Poster

Off Book - Robert Bruce CarterRobert Bruce Carter

Robert Bruce Carter is a Chicago-based writer, director, and occasional actor, originally hailing from Baltimore. The son of a Puerto Rican mother and an American father, he speaks Spanish and French and has lived abroad in France and Argentina.

He moved to Chicago in 2009 to get into the city’s renowned comedy scene. He studied improv and comedy at The Second City and The Annoyance Theatre and spent many years writing and performing live comedy before deciding that he wanted to create something that was a bit more permanent-probably because of the fear of death and all that…

Robert then turned to creating short films with odd-ball characters and absurd comedic themes. In 2015, his comedic web series, “Words Fail Me”, was an official selection at Brooklyn Web Fest, NYC Web Fest, and Hollyweb Festival.

Film Information

Director: Robert Bruce Carter
Country: USA
Year: 2017
Language:  English
Runtime:  8 min
Rated: PG


Writers: Eric Feltes, Mindy Fay Parks
Producer: Eliaz Rodriguez
Cinematography/DP: Hannah Welever
Editor: Paul Myzia

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