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Oh Crappy Day

Directed by Jon Lance Bacon
Narrative Feature
United States | 93 min | 2020

An aspiring young filmmaker hopes to find love through online dating — if he can just keep his OCD on the down low.

“Oh Crappy Day” sprang from my own experiences dealing with obsessive-compulsive disorder, a condition that can be incredibly isolating, both socially and romantically. OCD made me feel, for many years, as if I were just too weird to find love and acceptance. When I decided to write a script involving OCD, it seemed only natural that the film would be a love story. I wanted, specifically, to write a romantic comedy — something with moments of awkwardness, discouragement, even panic, but lighthearted overall and ultimately hopeful.

With the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, “Oh Crappy Day” has proven remarkably timely and more relatable than I ever imagined. People who’ve never worried about germs and contamination are now seeing the world through the eyes of someone with OCD. In effect, we are all members of the OCD community.

Oh Crappy Day - Poster

Oh Crappy Day - Jon Lance BaconJon Lance Bacon

Jon Lance Bacon is a writer-director from Raleigh, North Carolina. He came to filmmaking by way of American studies, having earned a Ph.D. in English from Vanderbilt University. He is the author of “Flannery O’Connor and Cold War Culture,” a book published by Cambridge University Press, as well as essays on film noir, apocalyptic fiction, and horror comics. Bacon serves as a partner in Dagtype Films, a production company he co-founded in 2005. He wrote and directed the 2015 film short that inspired the “Oh Crappy Day” feature; this short (by the same name) screened at 37 international film festivals and won 11 awards.

Film Information

Director: Jon Lance Bacon
Country: United States
Year: 2020
Language: English
Runtime: 93 min
Rated:  PG


Writer: Jon Lance Bacon
Producer: Steven P. Neilson
Cinematographer: Ned Phillips
Editor: Teddy Leinbach
Music: Trevor Bumgarner, Andre DiMuzio, Chris Hendricks

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