One Picture

Directed by Garcia Zamora

Narrative Short
Argentina | 9 min | 2017

Joaquín, a clumsy photographer, walks through a park looking for a inspiring picture. He has never imagined the picture will find him.

A lightly humorous film playing on privacy and intent and occasionally utilizing site gags (think the character eating the sandwich). This will keep audiences’ attention. It is not award worthy, but it will be appreciated and fit perfectly into a Live, Laugh, Love like short slot.

Male SilhouetteFaustino Garcia Zamora

Independent filmmaker. Works as a camera in cinema, advertising, TV shows and music videos. ¨One Picture¨ is his first short film as director and screenwriter. In this story, he creates a world of comedy through absurd characters and friendly dogs.

One Picture Movie Poster

Film Information

Director: Faustino Garcia Zamora
Country: Argentina
Year: 2017
Language: Spanish, English subtitles
Runtime: 9 min
Rating: PG-13


Writer: Faustino Garcia Zamora
Cinematographer: Juan Maglione
Art Director: Hernan Aragunde, Marilina Martignone
Music: Sato Valiente, Guil Aztobiza
Facundo Gomez
Faustino Garcia Zamora
Ignacio Aramburu, Inex Aldaburu

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