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Operating Session

Directed by Ron Johnson
Documentary Short
USA | 15 min | 2017

Men from the surrounding community of northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin gather together in the home of one of the participants. They operate model trains on a layout as if it were a real railroad. They pickup and set out (leave) cars at industries. Passenger trains stop at stations to pick up and leave people. Other trains come from “staging areas” as if from a far away location and stop at locations on the layout.

Everyone has a great time and leave for their homes and perhaps their layouts realizing a job well done.

Operating Session - Ron Johnson, DirectorRon Johnson

Ron Johnson is a narrative and documentary film director. He started teaching high school students about film and media at Rolling Meadows High School in 1971 after receiving a Master’s degree in Film Education from Columbia College, Chicago. He went on to teach United States history, Sociology and other high school courses until he retired in 1997. While teaching in public education, he volunteered to teach and lead adults in seeing and discussion great films from around the world both in the Northwest of suburbs of Chicago and now in the Rockford area via a program for adult learners sponsored by Rock Valley College called the Center for Learning in Retirement – CLR. Recently, he continued his interest in making films by taking virtually every film and sound production course at RVC. His recent documentary film grew out of a documentary film class at the school and his love for model railroading.

Operating Session Movie Poster

Film Information

Directors: Ron Johnson
Country: USA
Year: 2017
Language: English
Runtime: 15 min
Rating: G


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