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Directed by Aaron Putnam

Short Narrative
USA | 5 minutes | 2015

We spend our entire lives looking forward to the possibilities adulthood will bring, fully unprepared for its drab reality. For Scarlet, adulthood has amounted to lessons in disappointment and a quarry of apathy. A chance meeting with an unlikely lifeline pulls her out of her self-centered depths, showing her that the only way to survive adulthood is to become a kid again.

Parachute - Aaron PutmanAaron Putnam

With over 10 years of experience in television and film, Aaron has worked as a director, editor, designer, producer and/or writer on multiple feature films, short films and television shows for ESPN, Warner Bros., the History Channel, the Discovery Channel and TLC.

In his current role as Motion Director at Wray Ward he leads a talented team of editors, producers and videographers that craft everything from nationally broadcasted commercials and feature length documentaries to web series’ and short product videos.

Originally from Milwaukee, he received an associate’s degree in television production from Milwaukee Area Technical College and attended the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles


Film Information

Director: Aaron Putnam
Country: USA 
Year: 2015
Language: English
Runtime: 5 minutes


Writers: Katie Moore 
Devon Chandler
Editors: Griffin Glaze  and Lewis Dameron III
Director of Photography:   Justin Smith
Key Cast:
 Brooke Bradley  and Carter Nesbitt

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