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Directed by Elohim Peña
Narrative Short
USA | 8 min | 2021

Amid the pandemic, Alexis successfully found her true love despite quarantining alone. Today, for modern love segment, a TV reporter interviews Alexis about the new long distance romance. Our reporter soon finds this love story may not be the “real” story.

We are tribal. Its in our DNA. There’s an expermient called Frederick’s Experiment. I read about as teen and it’s still seared into my mind. If you’re not familiar, back in the thirteenth century, a German king, (Frederick II) conducted an immoral and frankly sadistic experiment designed to discover what language children would naturally grow up to speak if never spoken to.

King Frederick took babies from their mothers at birth and placed them in the care of nurses who were not only forbidden to speak within earshot, but also were not allowed to receive human physical contact. – I have no idea why he added this second rule other than total power often makes monsters of men – To his surprise, Frederick’s experiment was cut short and he never got his answer because the babies died. By the 1940’s researchers would realize this is why orphanages had a 30-40 percent mortality rate.
We literally require human contact to survive and grow into well-adjusted people. Babies just didn’t recieve enough human contact in that environment.

So when the opportunity arrose to shoot and direct a short film about a woman searching for love under quarantine I got excited.
I believe that humans forced into isolation rarely come out the otherside better for it. The character of Alexis offered me the chance to take a look at what happens when we are left alone and examine how it affects us mentally and socially; with a comedic bent of course. I hope you enjoy.

PeloLove - Poster

PeloLove - Elohim PeñaElohim Peña

Elohim Peña was born in the Dominican Republic. A military brat, he grew up moving all over the U.S. but from 4th grade on, lived in Minnesota. He studied acting at the William Esper Studio in NYC before ending up in Chicago and deciding to try his hand behind the camera. After starring as a lead in the indie film “I Dream of Psychopomp” and being inspired by his director Danny Villanueva Jr. He had the good fortune of meeting Keisha Champagne, the writer and producer of PeloLove. Together they founded A.D. Films (Afro-Dominican Films) production company. Elohim is self taught and a huge fan of Robert Rodriguez’s Rebel Without a Crew. PeloLove is his directorial debut.

Film Information

Director:Elohim Peña
Country: USA
Year: 2021
Language: English
Runtime: 8 min.
Rated: PG


Writer: Keisha Champagne
Producer: Keisha Champagne
Editor: Elohim Peña

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