People Are Strange Shorts

Jim Morrison was the epitome of strange. In fact, he was the Lizard KING of strange!! Named in honor of Jim’s lyric legacy, this threesome of puzzling exposés will have you scratching your head, your hands, your face, your…(stop scratching that!!) And what’s really strange is that you’ll probably recognize yourself in some of these characters, which is when you’ll want to head for the desert with a big bag of peyote and a bottle of Jack. Oh, wait. That’s me, not you.

Never mind. Enjoy the show!!


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Line Up

Line Up | Alex Julia Rich

Genre: Fantasy, Mystery
Country:  Spain/U.S.
Subtitles: No
Rating: PG-13
Runtime:  20 min.
Director: Alex Julià Rich
Producer:  Meghan  Shaw, Mireia  Martinez, Marta  Argullos
Website :  


A man works in a record shop in Detroit and lives a unique experience thanks to a mysterious record.

From then on his life will turn 180 degrees affecting everything around him. But is he really ready to live this experience?


Mr. Stowlicker

Mr. Stowlicker | Darren Vukasinovic

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Country:  Australia
Subtitles: No
Rating: PG
Runtime:  35 min.
Director: Darren Vukasinovic
Producer:  Darren Vukasinovic
Website :  Ignition Pictures


Mr. Stowlicker’s life of pragmatic predictability begins to unravel with the unexplained arrival of simple plastic balls – an echo from his past – short circuiting his meticulously planned daily routine and forcing him to confront the event that caused his life to become stuck in a holding pattern.


Good Story

Good Story | Martin Christopher

Genre: Drama, History
Country:  Germany
Subtitles: Yes
Rating: PG
Runtime:  20 min.
Director: Martin Christopher Bode
Website :  A Good Story Film


When Helga Landowsky discovers the broken jug in an antiques store near the German/Polish border, she wants to have it at any cost. But the old lady has reckoned without Jakub Lato. Because the antiquarian does not want to trade his ware for money. In exchange for the jug, he wants Helga to tell him a story. And a story she can tell.

It is an experience from the second world war. A story about pain and loss. And while Helga is still narrating, she and Jakub begin to realize that both their lives are wondrously interwoven. And that they are now, almost 70 years later, telling the story is last chapter together.

Because only this way, the story can finally become a good story.


NOTE: Synopsis are typically provided directly by the filmmaker themselves. Sometimes English is not their first language. We ask reader’s understanding for less-than-perfect language and grammar

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