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Period Drama

Directed by Anushka Tina Nair & Lauryn Anthony
Narrative Short
United States | 2 min | 2022

In Victorian-era England, highly precocious and imaginative eleven-year-old Georgiana Crimsworth is up late enjoying a good book. She suddenly experiences cramps and finds blood on her sheets. Not having received the talk yet, she doesn’t understand that this is her first period, and she thinks she’s dying. Her imagination runs amok as she searches for answers among sins and deadly disease, and fears the worst for what this means for herself and for her family.

Our film, called Period Drama, is a Victorian-era tale about eleven-year-old Georgiana Crimsworth, who gets her first period before ever having gotten the talk. Partly based on personal experience, this story aims to get across the idea that at that age, this sort of situation really makes you feel like you’re trapped in a gothic horror story.

Menstruation, and by extension women’s health as a whole, isn’t often discussed in popular media – and almost never in a medium like animation. Because of the implicit taboo that exists, there’s still a lot of shame and ignorance that surrounds a period, when that certainly shouldn’t be the case. Period Drama is our effort to address this, and hopefully make the subject easier to discuss, too.

Period Drama -Poster

Period Drama - Anushka Tina Nair, Lauryn AnthonyAnushka Tina Nair & Lauryn Anthony

Lauryn Anthony and Anushka Nair are student filmmakers who recently graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design. They have always had a deep love for period dramas, especially Pride and Prejudice, Downton Abbey, and Jane Eyre. This niche interest brought them together as friends in their freshman year of college, and then again as filmmakers in junior year to create a completely original film together.

Film Information

Director: Anushka Tina Nair, Lauryn Anthony
Country: United States
Year: 2022
Language: English
Runtime: 2 min.
Rated:  PG


Writer: Anushka Tina Nair, Lauryn Anthony
Producer: Anushka Tina Nair, Lauryn Anthony
KeyCast:Joanne Lichtenstein, Bekka Goldstein, Olivia Coucci, Amanda Duran, Adam Traister, Kokoy Amante, Richard Adams, Nathan Lienau

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