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Photo of the Day

Directed by Mac Eldridge & Tom Dean
Narrative Short
United States | 12 min | 2023

A photo from their past ignites a conversation about the possibility of an open marriage between a husband and wife.

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PHOTO OF THE DAY began as an exercise to work with two actors in a contained space to solely work on performance and character. Over the course of this exercise, we found readers of the script identifying with the themes presented, so we decided to put our efforts into making this a proper short film. In this story, we’re interested that comfort— the quality we find so appealing about marriage— is the same thing that can quietly distance us from our partners. We’re interested that we may think we know our partners as well as we know ourselves, only to learn that we are wrong, and that we may be more distant from reality than we could have imagined.

Photo of the Day - Poster

Photo of the Day - Mac Eldridge & Tom DeanMac Eldridge & Tom Dean

Tom and Mac met in film school. Tom wanted to be Franois Truffaut and Mac wanted to be John Carpenter. Though they couldn’t be more different, they bonded over a shared love of film and started to expand each other’s tastes. In school, that bond spilled over into their individual projects: They talked through each other’s scripts and sat in editing bays for the other’s short films. Over time, a shared grammar took hold, and a few years after graduating, while Tom was writing studio features and Mac was directing commercials, they decided to make their collaborations official by co-directing the short film ALL THE MEN THAT YOU WOULD SLEEP WITH WERE YOU NOT IN A COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP WITH TYLER WHOM OF COURSE YOU LOVE. Since then, they’ve never looked back. They’re preparing to make their debut feature CHARLIE HARPER in 2024.

Film Information

Director:  Mac Eldridge & Tom Dean
Country:  United States
Year: 2023
Language: English
Runtime: 12 min
Rated:  PG-13


Writer: Tom Dean
Producer:  Tanner Field, Nat Dykeman

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