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The Pizza City You’ve Never Heard Of

Directed by Tristan Laughton
Documentary Feature
Canada | 51 min | 2021

Ask anyone from Windsor, Ontario about their hometown’s pizza and you’re going to get an earful about how it’s the best in the world. The rest of the world, however, hasn’t been paying attention.

George Kalivas is a former Windsorite who was disturbed by the fact that his hometown is typically overlooked on lists of the top pizza cities in the world. In The Pizza City You’ve Never Heard Of, he sets out to prove that Windsor deserves to be included among the top pizza cities on the planet.

In this road-trip documentary, Kalivas explores some of the most well-established pizza places in Windsor – as well as some new ones – talking with suppliers, pizza joint owners and pizza enthusiasts about the essential characteristics that both define and distinguish a true Windsor pie.

Sometimes comical, it’s an insightful, mouth-watering historical examination of how the classic Windsor pizza evolved, how its current proprietors are maintaining the tradition, and how the new ones are keeping it alive.

Until now, Windsor has been left off many of those best pizza cities in the world lists. Thanks to The Pizza City You’ve Never Heard Of, that’s sure to change soon.

With many parts of the world vowing to support different cultures and celebrate diversity, I couldn’t be prouder of the film we created, along with the team we created it with. Our documentary is about an unassuming city that’s been a pizza powerhouse for over 70 years, but nobody knows about it. There’s history. There’s sarcasm. There’s an incredible original score made by one of Hip-Hop’s hottest producers, Dom Dias. The story focuses on business owners of Lybian, Iraqi, Turkish, Italian, and Greek descent. Our crew consists of a Jamaican-Canadian director, a Greek-Canadian producer, a Mexican-Canadian colourist, and a Sri Lankan-Canadian sound designer. Not only is our story a reflection of Canada’s Culture & Diversity, so is our crew!

The Pizza City You've Never Heard Of - poster

The Pizza City You've Never Heard Of - Tristan LaughtonTristan Laughton

Tristan Laughton is a Toronto-based filmmaker and designer, specializing in short films and digital art.

With over ten years of experience in the creative industry, Tristan brings his signature dedication and precision to every project he touches. Tristan’s combined passions for filmmaking, photography, digital art and content creation renders him a unique and versatile artist.

Tristan specializes in narrative fiction and non-fiction stories that leave a lasting impact and continue to resonate with the viewer long after the credits have rolled. Never forgetting his roots, Tristan has made it his mandate to tell diverse and complex stories surrounding the African diaspora.

Film Information

Director:  Tristan Laughton
Country: Canada
Year: 2021
Language: English
Runtime: 51 min
Rated: PG-13


Executive Producer: George Kalivas
Writer: George Kalivas
Editor: Tristan Laughton
Original Score: Dom Dias

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