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Directed Hyeonwoo SonN l
Narrative Short
Republic of Korea | 18 min | 2021

At the house of Geojin Port Hill Village, where you can see the horizon, a father with rough skin and a shaggy beard is looking at the dried fish.
He had dementia and depression at the same time.
He calls his son because he misses his son living in Seoul under the pretext of taking dried fish, but hangs up due to his son’s unpromising response.
After that, the father dresses up and leaves the house. He stops by a hospital, pharmacy, bathhouse, barber shop, and photo studio to prepare for the end of his life.

It is not much of a decision to make when you are standing at the crossroads between life and death.
It is like a granddaughter’s laughter in a video.
I’d like to film the love of parents at the last moment of one’s life.

Preparation - Poster

Preparation - Hyeonwoo SonHyeonwoo Son

Director Hyeonwoo SON is born in 1979.
He graduated from Bucheon High School.

Film Information

Director: Hyeonwoo Son
Country: Republic of Korea
Year: 2021
Language: Korean
Runtime: 18 min.
Rated:  PG-13


Writer: Hyeonwoo Son
Producer: Taeho Kim

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