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The Prince and the Goblin

Directed by Cory Byam
Narrative Short
United States | 12 min | 2021

A young boy and a homeless man have formed a unique friendship, meeting nightly to exchange gifts of toys and food. But as the boy grows older, his interest wanes, and he eventually forgets their happy routine. Desperate to find the perfect toy to win back his friend’s attention, the homeless man falls ill, and the state of their kinship is changed forever.

The Backhand is a fun short film that allowed me to play with different techniques of visual storytelling that I’ve grown to love. With inspiration coming from Edgar Wright, Sam Rami, Guy Richie I aimed at creating something that would be as fun to watch as the films they are all known for. We had a blast making this short film and I hope you enjoy watching it just as much.

The Prince and the Goblin - Poster

The Prince and the Goblin - Cory ByamCory Byam

Cory Byam grew up making short films in Missouri before relocating to California to pursue a career in screenwriting. Now, armed with over a decade of professional experience — and a family of artists large and small — he’s proudly returning to his directing roots.

Film Information

Director: Cory Byam
Country: United States
Year: 2021
Language: English
Runtime: 12 min.
Rated:  PG


Writer: Cory Byam
Producer: Kathryn Byam, Cory Byam
Editor: Cory Byam
Composer: Kathryn Byam
Sound Designer: Mercedes Riva, Christian Laszlo

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