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The Queen of Pop

Directed by David Goñi
Narrative Short
Spain | 14 min | 2023

Sara is sitting on the lid of the closed toilet, it seems that something has happened in this room and Sara is ready to tell it to a third person that we do not see.
To do this we go back in time to when she was a girl. A recorded cassette of the group Van Gogh’s Ear reaches her hands; her cousin has given it to her so she can listen to it during her vacation. Sara can’t imagine to what extent that cassette is going to be a turning point in her life.
We accompanied Sara during the summer of the 2000s. We went from the walkman to the discman, through Super Pop magazine and its posters, and of course, with the help of Amaia Montero and La Oreja de Van Gogh, we went from childhood to adolescence. Sarah.
From first teenage love to adult love, but all under the same soundtrack; cassettes, records, concert tickets… And while life happens, and the band changes, Sara herself does too, but Van Gogh’s Ear continues to hold a special place inside her.
However, as an adult, Sara realizes something; Amaia Montero and all the songs from La Oreja de Van Gogh had lied to him. Irremediably, there is only one solution left for everything she has been accumulating from the group; set them on fire in the bathtub of her house.

“Alyssa Thordarson of PAPER PLANES, Debuting at AfterImage Film Fest”

” Alyssa Thordarson and Michael Glover Smith set World, Int’l and Local Premieres for ‘Paper Planes’”

SCREEN Magazine

The idea of morality has always fascinated me. Having been born in Colombia, raised in Qatar and now living in New York, I’ve been able to live through different social values and cultures, yet morality is something that almost always seems to remain subjective to the individual.
I came up with this story because I was trying to learn more about this topic. I wanted to know if people were born with this desire, or if one day they just chose that they wanted this. I couldn’t wrap my head around why someone would possibly want this.
As I dove deeper into my research, I started to realize that this was also a question about mental health. What could someone do if they felt this way? Which then made me think: What would I do if one my my friends told me something like this? What is the “right” thing to do? Especially when they haven’t done anything. I found myself asking my friends what they would do, soon realizing everyone had a very strong and very different opinion.
I aimed to turn that question into a film. To make a movie that forced people to question their moral compass. To ask themselves the question I had asked myself and asked my friends. “What would you do?” To me, a great film is a film that makes you question what you already know. It opens your eyes and shows you a different perspective on something you thought you understood. My goal for this film is to do just that; to linger in the audiences head long after the credits roll.

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