Wisconsin Illinois Short Slot #2

YES! Filmmaker(s) Attending for Q & A

Sun Feb 21, 2016 – 2:30 pm | Hendricks Arts Center
Sun Feb 21, 2016 – 5 pm | La Casa Grande

YES! Filmmaker(s) Attending for Q & A

Round River

Directed by Xia Magnus

Short Narrative
USA | 28 min | 2015

Gia joins her uncompromising mother on a mission to aide her fragile aunt. Their weekend — and their sanctuary on Round River — are threatened when Gia is caught in the crosshairs of a deep-seated sibling rivalry.

Round River - Xia MagnusXia Magnus
Director, Producer, Writer

Xia Magnus is a Los Angeles based artist and filmmaker. Since graduating from the New School for Social Research in 2008, he has collaborated with numerous artists and performers around the country including Boyfriend, Frances Stark, Ryan Trecartin, Charlie Clark, and Noah Buschel. More recently he has produced and directed his own film projects; Curly Hawks (2013) and Oasis (2014). His work has been featured on Dazed and American Songwriter, as well as screened at New Orleans Museum of Art.

Round River

Film Information

Director: Xia Magnus
Country:  USA
Year: 2015
Language: English
Runtime: 28 minutes


Producers: Alyssa Polk
Cinematographer/DP:   Mark Khalife
Editor: Joshua Raymond Lee
Assistant Director:  Nathan Hertz 
Assistant Camera:
  Astrid Carlen-Helmer
Sound Mixer: Kayla Croft
Key Cast:  Annie Hamilton, June Scherwinski, and Kelley Rae O’Donnell

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