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Santa Claus

Directed by Jieun Lee
Narrative Short
South Korea | 26 min | 2019

On Christmas Eve, Jae-Yul has to give gifts to children in a rich village and a poor village in time as Santa Claus, as a part of a senior employment welfare program. In the meantime, he faces an unexpected event

Santa Claus poster | Jieun Lee, Director

Everything you do in the film industry leads to your next project… all roads lead to future collaborations… or so they say. “Rent Do” is exactly that and more. I met writer/producer/actor Jonathan Dubsky on my feature film “The Scarehouse”. He had a small part in that film but we became friends and loved discussing cinema. Jonathan switched from acting to crew on a music video that I directed that starred Sarah Booth (also in The Scarehouse). I’ve heard Jonathan’s ideas for shorts and television shows over the years and liked what he was creating. It was great to see Jonathan spend more time turning from actor to actor/creator (along with Daniel), which I believe is crucial; for actors to put themselves and their abilities out into the world. I was thrilled to be asked to direct “Rent Do”. I don’t get to do a lot in the comedy world, I’m known as the “horror” or the “heartbreak” guy. BUT I love comedy and what better way to flex those creative muscles than with a short! They also asked Sarah to star alongside the two of them. A match made in heaven – a casting trifecta I knew would be fantastic. Then we were able to round out the cast with Montreal’s best and brightest film and tv characters actors – a real treat.
There is a lot I could say about the production of the film but I feel like these are things everyone has to say about the creation of their baby. I think I’d rather spend the remainder of this note speaking to the heart of collaboration and working amongst friends. Talented folks in all departments from my frequent cinematographer, Karl Janisse to my one and only composer Adrian Ellis joined us for “Rent Do”. I strive to create projects with people who carry no ego, want to do the work and always go the extra mile. I want to create projects where, budget be damned, it is going to happen and it is an all hands on deck collaboration. “Rent Do” is just that – the film will speak for itself with your programmers, however, the experience of making it was a fantastic one. Jonathan and Daniel will be credited writers and producers you see in theaters and on television in the near future, this project is only the beginning. My direction is just one small part of the team and world they created for me to play with. We look forward to seeing how “Rent Do” plays for the audience it was made for.


Gavin Booth

Santa Claus - Jieun LeeJieun Lee

– Born in South Korea
– Graduated from Chung-Ang University, Department of theater.
– Graduated from Chung-Ang University Graduate School, Department of film making.

I Am(2016)
-2017 British International Amateur Film Festival, Diamond Award,Best Story, Best Photography, Best Acting

-2019 11th Seoul International Extreme Short Image & Film Festival,Audience Award
-2019 12th Seoul International Senior Film Festival, Best Film

Film Information

Director: Jieun Lee
Country: South Korea
Year: 2019
Language: Korean
Runtime: 26 min.
Rated: PG


Writers: Jieun Lee
Producers: Hyun-suk Park
Cinematographer: Juhwan Lee
Key Cast: Seung-wuk Kim, Uisun Jeong, So-hyun Kam

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