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A Film by Olga Montes & John Vamvas
Narrative Feature
Canada | 86 min | 2022

“A work of art…a magnificent achievement.” Emmy and Peabody Award Winner, William Mastrosimone.


Delusional gangster Luigi Scarpedicemente and his wife, Holly, sneak off to a desert Vegas motel to avoid bodyguards Ricco & Rocco and celebrate their one year wedding anniversary. What’s the worst that can happen? A dark comedy that pays homage to classic cinema!

“… sexy, frisky, and funny. A 21st film noir for lovers of great gangster films of the past.”

A Film by Olga Montes and John Vamvas

Scarpedicemente is a passion project for filmmakers/actors/writers/producers Olga Montes and John Vamvas, which they initially wrote and toured as a critically acclaimed and Audience Favorite stage play over 25 years ago. Though left on the backburner for many years, the couple felt that the story could still resonate with audiences on several levels: not only as a dark comedy and homage to the many incredible films and actors that have shaped our pop culture and ourselves as people, but as an examination of the human condition (love, hate, revenge, mental illness, grasping at dreams, etc.). They also felt that they could give the stage version new life by telling a story that is in essence about cinema, as a movie. The couple thus decided to throw caution to the wind and self-finance a film adaptation – call it their mid-life crisis Ferrari!

Longtime friend, Victoria Sanchez-Mandryk, was hired to be behind the camera for the 10-day shoot (as John could not), contributing some beautiful elements (like the funhouse mirrors and clown wig and nose). DOP René Arseneau pushed that vision further thanks to his distinctive visual aesthetics and unique sense of composition and lighting. Award nominated Editor Jean-Denis Rouette brought in his own non-linear touches (influenced by Nicolas Roeg), infusing the visuals with a structure and style reminiscent of the different classic gangster movies Luigi and Holly embody to make sense of their world.

Scarpedicemente was shot in 10 days in August 2020 in Brossard, Quebec, Canada, in one room, during COVID-19 restrictions and everyone on set adhered to the strictest government guidelines. Every single person working on this film, from the writers/actors, directors, editor, composer, DOP and everyone else right down to the grip, is Canadian.

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Scarpedicemente - John VamvasJohn Vamvas

Scarpedicemente actor/co-producer/co-writer, John Vamvas, has extensive experience directing for the stage, including “A Hatful of Rain” at Montreal’s Centaur Theatre, where he met Olga Montes in 1992. He has as well directed two plays at New York’s Creative Space Theatre, including Frederick Stroppel’s “The Mamet Women”.

Unable to be behind the camera as he was in front of it for the entirety, John hired longtime friend, Victoria Sanchez, to be behind the camera for the 10-day shoot to give her some experience and pave her road to film directing. Post-production, however, was entirely helmed by John and Olga.

This is John’s first stab at film directing and the process was so magical and enlightening, that he can’t wait to take on his next feature project together with Olga: WHEREWOLVES, A werewolf horror.

Scarpedicemente is a FIRST FEATURE for Montes-Vamvas Productions.

Film Information

A Film By: John Vamvas & Olga Montes
Country: Canada
Year: 2022
Language: English
Runtime: 86 min
Rated:  R


Writer: John Vamvas, Olga Montes
Producer: John Vamvas, Olga Montes
Cinematography: René Arseneau
Editor:Jean-Denis Rouette
Music: Sandra Chechik

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