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Six Years Gone

Directed by Warren Dudley
Narrative Feature
United Kingdom | 102 min | 2022

Six years ago, single mother Carrie Dawson suffered every parent’s worst nightmare. Now she seeks redemption.

Carrie, a thirty two-year-old single mum to daughter Lolly, is enjoying a comfortable existence in suburban Brighton. Living in a beautiful house that is being paid for by her wealthy ex-husband Dan, Carrie is back on the dating scene and enjoying life to the full. Then one afternoon her life crumbles into pieces. Her eleven-year-old daughter is snatched from outside the secondary school, thanks to Carrie’s mum Mary. The 65-year-old, unbeknown to Carrie, is suffering from early-onset dementia and forgets about the 3.15 school pick-up they’d arranged. Lolly has disappeared.

Six years on Carrie’s life has fallen into ruin. Her beautiful daughter has never been found. Gone are the nice house, the ‘school mum’ friends, and the regular money from Dan, to be replaced by a tiny flat, a life of poverty, and the daily heartbreak of caring for her terribly ill mother. All that drives Carrie on is the ever dwindling hope that her daughter may one day be found, and the Facebook page that she runs for parents of other missing kids.

Then one afternoon, following a chance meeting with a young woman outside the Social Club where she cleans, Carrie takes on an ‘escort’ client to earn some extra cash. As she begins her descent into the world of low-end sex work, her Facebook page throws up a post about a newly abducted girl that changes everything. As the astonishing clues start to come together about this little girl’s abduction, Carrie is about to put everything on the line to find her own daughter.

Six Years Gone is a gritty and powerful look and tragedy, love, and desperation, that will touch a nerve with all parents.

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“I’ve spent the last ten years flitting between football-based comedy and the horror/thriller genres. It’s been a privilege to work on these projects with some brilliant, talented people. However, it’s been gnawing away at me that I have yet to make anything ‘real’. Something gritty and heartfelt that packs an emotional punch.

The idea for Six Years Gone has been floating around my head for a while. As the parent of a now thirteen-year-old daughter, news reports about missing children have always left me with chills, and I felt those feelings could be mined for a script. About six months ago I saw a French film called The Unknown Girl, and it immediately made me think that a similar way of shooting could bring my new idea to life. I loved the ultra-real performances and greyness of the film. I aim to get close to this with Six Years Gone.”

Six Years Gone - Poster

Six Years Gone - Warren DudleyWarren Dudly

Warren is a screenwriter from the UK, and has spent all of his life living in Seaford, East Sussex, and the surrounding areas. He studied, mostly unsuccessfully, at Tideway School in Newhaven before embarking on a career in print and design.

After a brief dalliance with music in the 90’s with the band Stebson,Warren turned to writing, and to making a no budget WWII movie called Lived with work colleague Rick Roberts in the early 2000’s. After several more self-made film projects including The Cutting Room and Cage, he got my big break when the opportunity to adapt Dave Roberts’s football memoir The Bromley Boys was handed to him by producer and friend TJ Herbert in 2012. The movie went on to have a successful UK and US cinema run and has garnered critical acclaim.

In 2018 he worked with Blair Witch Project director Eduardo Sanchez on a show for SkyTV.

During lockdown Warren has also somehow managed to write two books – a creepy thriller called Baby Blue, and a football comedy memoir called Sir Unwin Pugh – From Hull to Camp Nou.

Film Information

Director: Warren Dudley
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2022
Language: English
Runtime: 103 min
Rated:  R


Writer: Warren Dudley
Producer: David Fearn
Cinematography: Richard Osborne
Composer: James Cox

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