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Slice of Love

Directed by Matthew Paul Vanderhyder
Narrative Short
United States | 31 min | 2023

Young Thomas finds himself desperate for the affection of a woman in a pizza parlor. Attempting to win her over, he purchases a book that will “make him irresistible” to any woman. However, following the instructions in the book only leads him further from his goal and eventually pushes Thomas past his breaking point.

“Wisconsin 48 Hour Film Project short film to screen at Cannes”, Madison NBC 15

Posthumous is the story of a musician who, after discovering his cancer has come back and is terminal, decides to finally record his first solo album before his passing. I began writing this story after my mother’s cancer diagnosis forced her to speed up some life plans and abandon others. Getting started is often the hardest part of any creative endeavor, and unexpected deadlines can shape the way we create and the stories we tell. After sitting on a first draft of the script for a few years and delays in shooting due to the Covid pandemic and my mother’s passing, we finally shot the film over the past year.

Our cast and crew were incredible in the common goal of telling this story, especially our lead actor Trevor Earley, who also created the soundtrack for the film with his music group Tubesocks. Everybody involved in the film had their own personal connection to cancer and delayed creative endeavors, but we hope to show that no matter how much time you have, there’s always a worthwhile way to spend it.

Slice of Love - Poster

Slice of Love - Matthew VanderhydeMatthew Paul Vanderhyde

Film Information

Director: Matthew Paul Vanderhyde
Country:  United Staes
Year: 2023
Language: English
Runtime: 31 min
Rated:  G


Writer: Matthew Paul Vanderhyde, Owen Imgrund
Producer: Matthew Paul Vanderhyde

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