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Sticky Pinecones

Directed by Travis Holt Hamilton
Narrative Short
USA |5 min | 2021

While out on a morning walk, a man is offered the gift of a smile and a sticky pinecone, and it changes his life forever.

Sticky Pinecones is inspired by a true story that happened to the writer one morning when he was out walking. It changed his life. And to tell that story, I chose to have a young autistic actor play the role of the young boy, to give the film authenticity, to be true to the story.

Sticky Pinecones - poster

Sticky Pinecones. -Travis Holt HamiltonTravis Holt Hamilton

Travis Holt Hamilton grew up in Idaho and earned a MA in Cultural Anthropology. While deployed with the United States Army to Iraq in 2003, he wrote his first feature-length film ‘Turquoise Rose’.

After returning home from the war, he and his wife Rebekah self- financed the independent movie with eleven credit cards. As the credit cards continued to gain interest, he figured out how to get his small film into theatres.

After a successful theatrical run, they were able to pay off their credit cards and get a second film off the ground and into production.

Travis, now based in Arizona, continues to produce and direct feature length films with big heart and smaller budgets.

He has produced and distributed five feature length films, with over a dozen scripts at various stages of development.

He is a member of the Producers Guild of America.

Film Information

Director: Travis Holt Hamilton
Country: USA
Year: 2021
Language: English
Runtime: 5 min.
Rated: G


Writer: Michael Coscia
Producer: Travis Holt Hamilton
Editor: Travis Holt Hamilton
Travis Holt Hamilton

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