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Stolen Apes

Directed by Colin Sytsma
Documentary Short
USA | 18 min | 2019

After a sting operation in Bangkok for two trafficked Orangutans leave those accountable with no consequence Daniel Stiles, a detective in the illegal wildlife trade, thinks of new ways to combat illegal great ape trafficking.

“We Were Hardly More Than Children” is a tale of trauma and friendship. Lena’s story is of the Cape Cod artist, Diane Messinger, whose paintings are throughout the piece. Diane’s paintings are the anger she doesn’t feel and the hurts she doesn’t remember.

Stole Apes - Poster

Stole Apes - Colin Sytsma

Colin Sytsma

For the last eight years the focus of Colin Sytsma’s work has been documentary filmmaking that contributes to the universal good. While giving a platform to ordinary people who express a specific socio political concern his work strengthens community and informs audiences of actions and consequences at the ground level. Originally trained as an experimental storyteller and cinematographer at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts his work has been shown on PBS, Al Jazeera, and in film festivals around the world. Colin co-directed the feature documentary From Mass to the Mountain, a story of one man’s journey of protecting rainforest and freshwater sheds in the neglected Eastern Panama. Right now Colin is the director of photography on the film When Claude Got Shot, an ITVS funded feature film following a horrific gun violence incident and its aftermath. Previous to the two feature films Colin produced Wisconsin’s Mining Standoff for the television show Fault Lines on Al Jazeera America and Al Jazeera English. Colin sits on the executive committee of the Milwaukee Filmmaker Alliance and is also a board member of the newly created Freeland Film Festival, which is based around the concept of a world free of human and wildlife trafficking. Colin’s vision is to create intimate and impactful storytelling that evokes empathy and incubates change for the greater good of our world.

Film Information

Director: Colin Sytsma
Country: USA
Language: English
Runtime: 18 min.
Rated: PG


Producer: Colin Sytsma
Writer: Colin Sytsma
Key Cast: Daniel Stiles, Allie Russo, Raha Moharrak, Stephan Ngulu

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