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Sun King

Marcus Aubin
Narrative Feature
USA | 72 min | 2020

An eccentric Chinese man who believes he is the reincarnated soul of King Louis XIV, embarks on an epic journey to marry his cousin in order to keep the royal bloodline alive.

My time at DePaul University was filled with friendships with people of all races, gender, and sexual orientation. Throughout my college career, I couldn’t help see that the world was becoming more and more divisive. Rather then building understanding and compassion for our differences, the fear of these differences has fueled the flame of this division and hate. When I read “Sun King” I knew immediately that this was a film I wanted to make.

Through humor and an absurd premise, it provided a voice to those who might not fit into social/cultural norms and are misunderstood. As a Mexican-American filmmaker, I’ve seen first hand the lack of representation people of color have experienced in cinema, especially the Asian community. I’m a firm believer that film can change the world. Despite how different we may seem on the outside, deep down inside we all share a common belief as humans to live our best lives full of passion and love for each other. I hope through humor, Sun King can play a small role in shifting perspective towards more inclusive cinematic stories.

Sun King - Poster

Sun King - Marcus AubinMarcus Aubin

I’m a recent graduate of DePaul University’s School of Cinematic Arts (SCA). Throughout my tenure at DePaul, I have had an opportunity to direct numerous narratives, music videos, and more which have played at festivals across the globe including Diversity in Cannes, Cleveland International, NFFTY, and DC Shorts.

In 2018, I was selected from all the directing students at SCA to direct a micro-budgeted feature film entitled “Sun King” under the guidance of our esteemed faculty. I am extremely proud and excited to share the film with the world as we plan our festival run in 2020.

I am currently based out of Chicago where I freelance as a director and editor while constantly creating new content.

Film Information

Director:  Marcus Aubin
Country: USA
Year: 2020
Language: English
Runtime: 72 min.
Rated: PG-13


Producer: Claire Wiles, Connor Kovak, James Choi
Writer: Tiffany Brinkman

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