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Surviving Me

Written & Directed by: Leah Yananton

Narrative Feature
USA | 1 hour 42 minutes | 2015

As she enters her junior year of college, aspiring poet Sophie (Christine Ryndak) embarks on a journey of self-discovery amidst a sexual identity crisis. Fear and insecurity eventually get the best of her, and Sophie loses her moral compass, damaging her relationships with her boyfriend Jimmy (Vincent Piazza, Boardwalk Empire) and best friend Kiera (Leah Yananton), as well as her poetry professor Slateman (Fredric Lehne, Lost) and his enigmatic wife Jacqueline (Mira Furlan, Lost). Before she can find redemption and move into the next phase of her life, Sophie must journey through her own experience of Dante’s Inferno and take responsibility for her behavior.

Surviving Me - Leah Yananton

Director: Leah Yananton

Yananton’s professional film experience began in the camera department on Spike Lee’s BAMBOOZLED and Marc Levin’s & Mark Benjamin’s BROOKLYN BABYLON. After earning her B.F.A. from Columbia University, she went on to travel the globe working on documentaries for HBO, National Geographic, and the Discovery Channel. Yananton’s documentary MANHATTANVILLE: A NEIGHBORHOOD UNDER SIEGE (32min) about Columbia’s controversial expansion into her West Harlem neighborhood, received grants from NYC’s Fund for Creative Communities and the NY Foundation for the Arts. MANHATTANVILLE along with her dark comedy short THE BURIAL, screened at the Harlem Film Festival, Girl Fest Hawaii, and L.A. Shorts Fest.
Leah is also developing an environmental justice documentary IN OUR BACKYARD, about the municipal polluting of an African American community in Athens, GA. Her next narrative feature explores the open secret of commercial sexual exploitation in West Hollywood and is currently in development.


Surviving Me Movie Poster

Film Information

Directors: Leah Yananton
Country: USA
Year: 2015
Language: English
Runtime: 1 hr 42 min


Studio / Production Company: Longtale Films, LLC
Leah Yananton
Mary Prendergast, Larry Engel, Jonathan Oment, and Leah Yananton
Larry Engel
John Klos, Richard Arsenault & Vanat Sermpol
Liz Lysinger

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Media contact: Tiffany Bair Wagner | Rachel Wiegman Big Time PR

Principal Cast

BIFF - Beloit International Film Festival
BIFF | Beloit International Film Festival