The Tale of Billy O’C

Directed by Pete Harris


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The Tale of Billy O’C

Directed by Pete Harris
Narrative Feature
Ireland | 100 min | 2022

The Tale of Billy O’C is a crime thriller strongly focused on an unpredictable plot with twists, keeping the audience wanting to know what happens next. It’s a story of vilification, family dedication, redemption and a desire for peace. Set in a small village in County Kilkenny, Ireland in 1975, it unfolds with a backdrop of an IRA safehouse and small-town politics.

Austin Film FestivalAustin, Texas
October 26, 2023
World Premiere
Audience Award

When I first started coming to Ireland from Australia over eight years ago I was swept up in the romantic mystique of the land and people like most tourists. There’s a magical quality about the place with its music, castles, cosy pubs and dramatic landscapes that just make you want to swing a pint and befriend people. After spending a lot more time here I’ve noticed in myself that I’m starting to take that first impression for granted like the locals do, so I wanted to make this film sooner rather than later to try to capture that original feeling of mystique and warmth in the style of the movie.

This being my debut film, I didn’t want to confuse things with lots of mad action scenes and VFX and just wanted to concentrate on telling a compelling story. Personally, I feel that a lot of modern films have become too much about the spectacle and telling a unique and interesting story still holds a lot of importance for audiences and that can often be overlooked. So, I really tried to strip it back to a story that isn’t predictable, and I wanted to avoid having the audience feel like they’ve seen this story in some form before, by keeping you wondering what’s going to happen next.

The Tale of Billy O'C

The Tale of Billy O'CPete Harris

Film Information

Director: Pete Harris
Country: Ireland
Year: 2022
Language: English
Runtime: 100 min
Rated:  R


Writer:  Pete Harris
Producer: Pete Harris, Shane O’Keeffe, Louis Buggy
Cinematography: Louis Buggy
Editor: Louis Buggy, Pete Harris

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