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Directed by Matthew Brdlik
Narrative Short
USA | 14 min | 2020

A craftsman, struggling to cope with the loss of his wife, falls down a dark path as he begins to restore a captivating old knife.

Official SelectionL:Sidewalk Film Festival
Chicago International’s Cineyouth Film Festival
UFA Youth Short Film Festival
Cinestesia Festival
Awards: Sidwalk Film Festival Kathryn Windham Tucker Story Telling Award
Semi Finalist: UFA Short Film Festival

Everyday headlines of newspapers are plagued by seemingly random acts of violence, ‘A man kills another over a bag of chips’. What could cause someone to commit such a horrid act? The deeply repressed primal instinct of violence is within everyone. Tantalization represents the ultimate character study and exploration into this idea. How in under 15 minutes can a regular old man make the decision to take a life? How does the audience react when they not only know the full story, but empathize with it?

Tantalization - Poster

Tantalization - Matthew BrdlikMatthew Brdlik

Matthew Brdlik is a narrative and documentary Filmmaker from Chicago Illinois. His goal in film is to create unique and immersive stories that provide a different perspective on society and reality.

Matthew studied at DePaul University and now works as a freelance director on the documentary series Wild Gamble.

Film Information

Director: Matthew Brdlik
Country: USA
Year: 2020
Language: English
Runtime: 14 min.
Rated: R


Writer:Matthew Brdlik
Producer: Matthew Brdlik
Cinematography: Brandon Hoeg
Editor: Marcus Aubin
Music: Phillip Rapa

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