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The Bear and The Owl

Directed by Mark Allen Davis

United States | 46 min | 2016

In 1986, a young girl from Beloit, WI was about to celebrate her 7th birthday in the Boston Children’s Hospital. After her teacher puts an article in the local newspaper requesting cards from the community, a complete stranger responds by sending her a handmade card every day for two and half years. The heartwarming bond that forms between them showcases the healing power of love, empathy and compassion. 30 years later, as she’s about to undergo her 42nd (and hopefully last) surgery, Joni’s optimistic strength is an inspiring example of the difference that a simple act of kindness can make.

Mark Allen Davis
Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Mark Davis started out as an Art Director and worked in advertising for almost twenty years. Though he enjoyed developing campaigns for global brands, he realized what he found most interesting was the storytelling.

Four years ago he left the corporate world and co-founded Tin Boat Productions in order to pursue his true love–filmmaking. His first feature documentary, Cloudmont, has a cult following and won Best Southeastern Film at the Lookout Wild Film Festival.

The Bear and The Owl

Film Information

Director: Mark Allen Davis
Country: United States
Year:  2016
Language: English
Runtime: 46 min
Rated: G


Executive Producer: Jan Jensen
Cinematographer/DP:  Mark Allen Davis
Sound Editor: Jan Jensen

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Beloit girl inspires BIFF documentary and creates opportunity to brighten lives of hospitalized kids.

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