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Thu Feb 25, 2016 – 7:30 pm | Hendricks Arts Center
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The Hermit

Directed by Lena Friedrich

Short Documentary
USA | 24 minutes | 2015

For 27 years, the enigmatic ‘North Pond Hermit’ had been living in the woods of Maine with no human contact.  THE HERMIT exposes in a humorous way how a man who tried in the most extreme way to disconnect from society unintentionally became a nation-

The Hermit - Lena FriedrichLena Friedrich
Director, Producer, Editor 

Lena Friedrich is a French-American filmmaker with a special interest in inventive nonfiction storytelling. Raised in Paris, she tranferred to Columbia University to study sociology and cinema. At Clumbia, she was awarded a fellowship and prizes for promising talent in sociology and media. She worked for the London-based documentary department of Pulse Films – “Shut Up and Play the Hits” (Sundance, Hot Docs, SXSW) and “Who is Dayani Cristal?” (Sundance, HotDoc). She has also worked as a TV journalist for French TV. Lena has recently completed “The Hermit”, a documentary on Christopher Knight, a man who lived 27 years in the woods of Maine with no human contact and became a celebrity overnight. Her directing credits include the short documentaries “Claire’s Little World” about a wig shop frequented by Hassidic women in Brooklyn, and “Lost in Transition” about the changing definition of adulthood in Western societies. She currently lives in New York City.

The Hermit Movie Poster

Film Information

Director: Lena Friedrich
Country: USA
Year: 2015
Language: English
Runtime: 24 minutes


Cinematographer: Laura Snow
Aitor Mendilibar
Composer:  Gary Lucas and Fatrin Krajka

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