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The Lears

Directed by Carl Bessai
Narrative Feature

USA | 99 min | 2017

World-renowned, cutting edge architect Davenport Lear, nearing retirement, summons his dysfunctional children to a weekend family retreat in one of his architectural creations, a magnificent Malibu Estate. When they learn that he has decided to marry his personal assistant that Sunday, and he subsequently feigns his own death, it sets off an explosive and funny round of devious behavior and conflict as each of them jockeys for position borne by self- interest, greed and jealousy. In the end, this homage to Shakespeare’s KING LEAR raises fundamental questions about the nature of love, sexuality, family relationships and honesty, demonstrating that what lies below the surface is often very different from outward manifestations.

Carl Bessai

Carl Bessai is a Canadian Director and Cinematographer. Based in Vancouver and Los Angeles, he has directed 16 feature films to date, and garnered numerous national and international awards and recognitions. He studied at OCAD University and York University in Toronto graduating with a Master in Fine Arts Degree.

His feature films are Johnny (1999), Lola (2001), Emile (2003), Unnatural&Accidental (2005), Severed (2006), Normal (2007), Mothers&Daughters (2008), Cole (2009), Fathers&Sons (2010), Repeaters (2010), Sisters&Brothers (2011), Embrace of the Vampire (2012), No Clue (2013), Bad City (2014), Rehearsal (2015) and most recently The Lears (2017). He has been nominated and won numerous Genie Awards, Leo awards, critics prizes, festival awards and played at a number of prestigious international Film Festivals including Toronto, Berlin and Sundance.

The Lears Movie Poster

Film Information

Director: Carl Bessai
Country: USA
Year: 2017
Language: English
Runtime: 99 min
Rated: R


Producers: Irwin Olian
Writer: Carl Bessai
Music: Mark Orton
Editor: Jay Fox
Production Design: Steven Hudosh
Art Direction: Rebecca Contreras

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