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The Meanest Man In Texas

Directed by Justin Ward

Feature Narrative
USA | 105 min | 2017

In 1928, near Cisco, Texas, a young Clyde finds himself in the wrong place, at the wrong time, in the wrong company. A fight breaks out, and after shooting two men in self-defense, Clyde is convicted of murder, and sentenced to death. Just hours before execution by electric chair, the Governor spares him the death penalty, and sentences Clyde to life in prison.

After several escape attempts and the murder of two fellow inmates, Clyde is called the meanest man in Texas by prison officials. The Captain of the Guards locks him away in solitary confinement in an old prison morgue. With three life sentences and no hope, he finally learns redemption, and his life changes.

He corresponds, and eventually falls deeply in love with a woman, Julia Perryman, who is also a prisoner of her physical handicap, scoliosis. Through their love of each other, and faith, they each find freedom.

Justin Ward | Director - The Meanest Man in TexasJustin Ward

Justin Ward began his career running his own theater company Horizon Stage, where he produced and directed original plays. He then went on to work for Mick Jagger at Jagged Films.

Ward is best known for creating a documentary-style action sports series for ESPN. This started a decade-long career producing and directing over of 400 hours of sports, extreme sports, documentary, travel, health and culinary programming for such networks as CBS, NBC, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, Spike TV, FOX, FSN, Varia and The Travel Channel.

Ward was the director / producer of the “UFC Countdown” Series, “Inside the UFC,” and the Showrunner for “UFC All Access” on Spike TV. In 2011, he was the creator/director and executive producer of the documentary film series “Rock Stars,” which aired The National Geographic Channel. Ward has also produced, directed and edited award-winning music videos, syndicated TV Series, commercials and has freelanced for The NFL, NFL Films, Nascar, Herbalife, and The UFC.

He has directed several international ad campaigns for Lexus, Toyota, Lincoln, Chevy, Waldrof Astoria, The Grand Wailea Maui and The Sheraton Hotel & Resorts. Ward is president of the full-service documentary, television and commercial production company Maui X Productions, Inc. and a partner in Ohana Films, Inc., which focuses on developing feature films.

Meanest Man in Texas Movie Poster

Film Information

Director: Justin Ward
Country: USA
Year: 2017
Language: English
Runtime: 105 min
Rated: PG-13


Producers: Higher Purpose Entertainment, Casey Bond, Brad Wilson
Co-screenwriters: Don Umphrey and Justin Ward
Screenplay: Don Umphrey, Justin Ward

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