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The Origins of Wit & Humor

Directed by Christian Gridelli

Narrative Feature
USA | 1 hour 32 minutes | 2015

A comedy writer’s need for approval leads him to a wonder elixir that bends his world into a surreal landscape of comedy tropes, which forces him to explore his own worth outside the writer’s room.

Origins of Wit & Humor - Christian GridelliChristian Gridelli
Director, Producer, Writer

Christian Gridelli is a 2008 graduate from Columbia College Chicago and former associate producer for History/Biography Channel. He has been cowriting/directing/producing for a decade with Hunter Norris under the moniker of DimeStore Films. The Origins of Wit & Humor is their first feature film and was shot in Chicago. Christian never it made it past Webelos and was born on a dining room rug.

Origins of Wit & Humor

Film Information

Director: Christian Gridelli
Country: USA
Year: 2015
Language: English
Runtime: 1 hour 32 minutes


Producers: Christian Gridelli, Hunter Norris, Brett Hay
Writers: Christian Gridelli, Hunter Norris

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