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Thoughts About Love

Directed by Jani Ilomäki
Narrative Short
Finland | 13 min | 2016

Teenage Antti doesn’t understand love. During sex education the teacher just talks about condoms and sex but what exactly is love? How long does love last? Can he be in love? He thinks he’s in love with a girl in the class but how is he supposed to show it? It turns out that things are sometimes easier than you might first think.

Thoughts About Love - Jani-Ilomaki, DirectorJani Ilomäki

Jani Ilomäki is an assistant director and director, known for Thoughts About Dying(2013), Abu Fuad (2014) and Awakening (2012).

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Film Information

Director: Jani Ilomäki
Country: Finland
Year: 2016
Language: Finnish, English Subtitles
Runtime:  13 min
Rated: PG 13


Producer: Ilona Tolmunen
Script: Mikko Parttimaa, Jani Ilomäki
DOP: Mikko Parttimaa
Editor: Jussi Sandhu
Sound designer: Toni Teivaala
Music: Pekka Koivisto
Set designer: Santtu Toivola
Costume designer: Laura Malinen
Key cast: Kasper Westin, Lilith Rautiainen, Sini Putkonen, Juhani Hodju, Kimmo Puhakka

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