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Three Grains of Salt

Directed by Ingrid Chikhaoui
Narrative Short
France | 25 min | 2022

Two sisters, aged 8 and 5 hang out alone at home, in the middle of the country side. Elsa, the youngest swallows three grains of coarse salt. Judith announces to her that she’s doomed to a death by desiccation. She only has a few hours to live, when the return of their mother with her ardent and feverish behaviour, turns the family destiny upside down.

The Backhand is a fun short film that allowed me to play with different techniques of visual storytelling that I’ve grown to love. With inspiration coming from Edgar Wright, Sam Rami, Guy Richie I aimed at creating something that would be as fun to watch as the films they are all known for. We had a blast making this short film and I hope you enjoy watching it just as much.

Three Grains of Salt - Poster

Three Grains of Salt - Ingrid ChikhaouiIngrid Chikhaoui

Born in 1985 in the North of France, Ingrid Chikhaoui grows up between endive fields and savage oyster rocks in the French department of Loire Atlantique. First, she studies plastic arts and photography before working in the music industry. Then she goes back to classes, studying cinema in directing department at ENSAV (Toulouse) and at School of visual arts (New York). She directed several short movies, as well as dance and circus videos.
While working as an assistant director and casting director, she gets involved in the Pays de la Loire cinema & audiovisuel department at the Plateforme office where she takes part in leading case studies, scenario feedbacks and technical-reading working groups.
She recently received aid to design for two TV series projects, works as a director assistant and is currently writing her first feature film at the Atelier Scenario of The Femis school. Her projects deal with the themes of relationship to the body, identity, exile and freedom. She resides in Nantes, filling her days up with writing, bakery or botanic testings, smart children and a lot of cheese.

Film Information

Director:  Ingrid Chikhaoui
Country: France
Year: 2022
Language: French
Runtime: 25 min.
Rated:  R


Writer: Ingrid Chikhaoui
Producer: Philippe Wendling, Noël Fuzellier, Marine Lepaulmier
Music: Carla Pallone
Cinematography: Charlotte Michel

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