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Through the Eye Root

Directed by Vincent Maslowski
Narrative Short
U.S.A. | 8 min | 2018

In an isolated place elsewhere, there is a parasite problem.

Through the Eye Root - Vincent MaslowskiVincent Maslowski

Vincent Maslowski has been infrequently experimenting with animation for over a decade with varying results. He’s worked with stop motion, 2D computer animation, and frame by frame hand-drawn animation. He also works in film editing and sound design. He occasionally paints and bakes pies.

Through The Eye Root Poster | Vincent Maslowski, Director

Film Information

Director: Vincent Maslowski
Country: U.S.A.
Year: 2018
Language: English
Runtime:  8 min
Rated: R


Writer: Vincent Maslowski
Producer: Vincent Maslowski
Key Cast: Mark Borchardt, Tyler Fails, Mike Schank, Vincent Maslowski

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