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Tick Tock (Tik Tak)

Directed by Zeynep Kocak

Short Narrative
Turkey | 9 minutes | 2015

An old man wakes up to a routine day with his cat, who is his only friend. After making his breakfast, while drinking his coffee near a window, he watches the street, people, and life. He wants to be inside this life like he used to be. Then he comes up with an idea to break this routine circle, and end his loneliness.

Tick Tock - Zeynep KocakZeynep Kocak
Director, Producer, Writer

Tick Tock - Poster

Film Information

Director: Zeynep Kocak
Country: Turkey
Year: 2015
Language: Turkish
Runtime: 10 minutes


Project Director: Jason Williams 
Creative Director:
Megan Kluck
Creative Technical Director: Adam Conarrde
Executive Producer: Brad Graeber
Cem Ozuduru
Animation: Powerhouse Animation
Sound Design: Alician Okan
Original Music/Composer:  Burak Ekinil 
Assistant Director:
   Aksel Ozcan 
Public Relations:
Merve Kirsan  

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